Thursday, 27 September 2012

Promotional Bag – A Great Promotional Product

Every business, from Start-up to Established companies promote their brand – product at trade shows, seminars, conferences etc. Business needs constant promotions. You need integrate marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. You can’t reply just on any one marketing method.

There are different types of Promotional Products available in the market. You can have Mug, Mouse Mat, Sticky Note, Pen, Promotional Bags, Lanyards, USBs, Balloons, Highlighters, Scale Rules, Key Chains etc. You can choose promotional product according to your budget & business type. It depends on your target audience, whether you sell direct to consumer or to businesses. It also depends on the value of your main product. If you sell high value product, you can afford to give high value promotional product.

You can use Promotional Bag whatever is your audience or your main product. Even you can put your product in Promotional Bag & give it to your customers. It is very good indirect marketing. You can use Promotional Bag at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars etc.

There are many types of Promotional Bags like Shopping Bags, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Laptop Bags, Drawstring Bags etc. Promotional Bags are made of variety of materials like Jute, Non Woven Fabric, Paper, Clear PVC , Canvas, Cotton etc. You can have your logo, text and image printed on it to spread your company name & message.

Give-away Promotional Bags at the trade show and they have no option but to wear them on their shoulder - Advertising as they walk around. But even better they will take them to the supermarket and around the shops week after week. It keeps on advertising.

A Great Smart Unit worth the money in adverting. Cheaper than a full page add in the newspaper.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brass Engraving Plaques Enhances Your Professional Image

You may have seen many Plaques, Name Plates, Memorial Plates, Signs. People use them at different places on different occasions fir variety of purposes.

The plaques can be made of different material like Brushed finished Stainless Steel, Brass,Aluminium, Acrylic, Wooden etc. Classy Brass plaque will definitely enhance your professional image. Brass plaque will add elegance in your office beauty.

Brass plaques can be of any shape. The text, logo & image can be engraved on the plaques. Then the engraved part is filled with ink. Normally black ink is used. But you can have any ink. You can have also 2 ink or more but then price will go up.

Brass plaques can be used as Office or House entrance sign, name plate, office sign having list of directors name or building sign with residents’ names. Even brass plaques can be used on inguration of the building, memorial plate etc.

Brass plates are widely used in hotels also. They use Brass Plates to name different suits, as direction sign or room numbers or restaurant table numbers.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Use Light Boxes To Attract Visitors

Lightbox signs are used to create colour displays. As these signs are illuminated, they can attract customers from a distance. They are widely used in Hotel,
Restaurants,Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Takeaways, Saloons, On Undergrounds etc.

They are not very expensive so even small businesses can use them. With Lightboxes,you can use any font, any colour, any images. They can be standard or customised. Customised lightboxes are expensive but you can have the message of your own choice. Even you can buy Blank Lightboxes and you can easily put the message of your choice and even change them as many times as you want.

Even when there is dark environment, the lightbox sign work as it brings light to your poster. You can find large light boxes at Theatre and Airports.

Blank Circular Light Box - 70cm Dia Outdoor - Double Side

Blank Circular Light Box
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box - 45 X 100cm- Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box
Blank Rectangle Light Box - 55 X 80 cm Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Rectangle Light Box

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why Should You Use LED Channel Letters?

When you visit ant high street, you see Built Up letters –Channel letters illuminated /non-illuminated. So what is channel letters? The channel ( Hollow Part) is created in letters with different kinds of material like aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel etc so they are called channel letters. This channel is then used to have LED light inside so during letters can be illuminated to attract visitors’ attention.

LED letters are widely used to advertise Saloon, Shops,Theatre, Shopping Malls, Buildings, Undergrounds, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Pharmacies etc.

Earlier Neon lights were used to illuminate channel letters
but now a days LEDs are used widely. Why? Let’s see.

· Longer life span
· Cheaper Cost
· Lower electricity consumption. 70 to 80% lower than Neon.
· Changes in Sign Codes
· Easy replacement
·Less transformers requirement
· Give instant full brightness
· Doesn’t emit Ultraviolet Light
· Safer

3D Aluminium Profile LED Letter

3D Aluminium Profile LED Letter

3D Colorful Fronlit LED Resin Letter SS Bottom

3D Colorful Fronlit LED Resin Letter SS Bottom

3D Galvanized Sheet LED Expansion Shiny / Luminous Letters

3D Galvanized Sheet LED Expansion Shiny / Luminous Letters