Thursday, 27 September 2012

Promotional Bag – A Great Promotional Product

Every business, from Start-up to Established companies promote their brand – product at trade shows, seminars, conferences etc. Business needs constant promotions. You need integrate marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. You can’t reply just on any one marketing method.

There are different types of Promotional Products available in the market. You can have Mug, Mouse Mat, Sticky Note, Pen, Promotional Bags, Lanyards, USBs, Balloons, Highlighters, Scale Rules, Key Chains etc. You can choose promotional product according to your budget & business type. It depends on your target audience, whether you sell direct to consumer or to businesses. It also depends on the value of your main product. If you sell high value product, you can afford to give high value promotional product.

You can use Promotional Bag whatever is your audience or your main product. Even you can put your product in Promotional Bag & give it to your customers. It is very good indirect marketing. You can use Promotional Bag at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars etc.

There are many types of Promotional Bags like Shopping Bags, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Laptop Bags, Drawstring Bags etc. Promotional Bags are made of variety of materials like Jute, Non Woven Fabric, Paper, Clear PVC , Canvas, Cotton etc. You can have your logo, text and image printed on it to spread your company name & message.

Give-away Promotional Bags at the trade show and they have no option but to wear them on their shoulder - Advertising as they walk around. But even better they will take them to the supermarket and around the shops week after week. It keeps on advertising.

A Great Smart Unit worth the money in adverting. Cheaper than a full page add in the newspaper.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brass Engraving Plaques Enhances Your Professional Image

You may have seen many Plaques, Name Plates, Memorial Plates, Signs. People use them at different places on different occasions fir variety of purposes.

The plaques can be made of different material like Brushed finished Stainless Steel, Brass,Aluminium, Acrylic, Wooden etc. Classy Brass plaque will definitely enhance your professional image. Brass plaque will add elegance in your office beauty.

Brass plaques can be of any shape. The text, logo & image can be engraved on the plaques. Then the engraved part is filled with ink. Normally black ink is used. But you can have any ink. You can have also 2 ink or more but then price will go up.

Brass plaques can be used as Office or House entrance sign, name plate, office sign having list of directors name or building sign with residents’ names. Even brass plaques can be used on inguration of the building, memorial plate etc.

Brass plates are widely used in hotels also. They use Brass Plates to name different suits, as direction sign or room numbers or restaurant table numbers.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Use Light Boxes To Attract Visitors

Lightbox signs are used to create colour displays. As these signs are illuminated, they can attract customers from a distance. They are widely used in Hotel,
Restaurants,Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Takeaways, Saloons, On Undergrounds etc.

They are not very expensive so even small businesses can use them. With Lightboxes,you can use any font, any colour, any images. They can be standard or customised. Customised lightboxes are expensive but you can have the message of your own choice. Even you can buy Blank Lightboxes and you can easily put the message of your choice and even change them as many times as you want.

Even when there is dark environment, the lightbox sign work as it brings light to your poster. You can find large light boxes at Theatre and Airports.

Blank Circular Light Box - 70cm Dia Outdoor - Double Side

Blank Circular Light Box
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box - 45 X 100cm- Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box
Blank Rectangle Light Box - 55 X 80 cm Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Rectangle Light Box

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why Should You Use LED Channel Letters?

When you visit ant high street, you see Built Up letters –Channel letters illuminated /non-illuminated. So what is channel letters? The channel ( Hollow Part) is created in letters with different kinds of material like aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel etc so they are called channel letters. This channel is then used to have LED light inside so during letters can be illuminated to attract visitors’ attention.

LED letters are widely used to advertise Saloon, Shops,Theatre, Shopping Malls, Buildings, Undergrounds, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Pharmacies etc.

Earlier Neon lights were used to illuminate channel letters
but now a days LEDs are used widely. Why? Let’s see.

· Longer life span
· Cheaper Cost
· Lower electricity consumption. 70 to 80% lower than Neon.
· Changes in Sign Codes
· Easy replacement
·Less transformers requirement
· Give instant full brightness
· Doesn’t emit Ultraviolet Light
· Safer

3D Aluminium Profile LED Letter

3D Aluminium Profile LED Letter

3D Colorful Fronlit LED Resin Letter SS Bottom

3D Colorful Fronlit LED Resin Letter SS Bottom

3D Galvanized Sheet LED Expansion Shiny / Luminous Letters

3D Galvanized Sheet LED Expansion Shiny / Luminous Letters 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

USB Flash Drives As A Promotional Gift

Every business needs customers. No customers No Business. So every business does some kind of promotion to attract new customers and retain the existing customers. Actually when you give any Promotional Product to your customer, actually you appreciate their interest and trust in your product.

When you give a promotional gift, it should be in line with your business like if you are a IT company, you should use some technological item as a promotional gift. Your promotional gift should be useful to your client.

The promotional gifts are a great way to tell you clients and customers that you value their business a lot. These gifts are usually imprinted with certain information such as the address of your organization, contact details, new products information etc.

When it comes to choosing a valuable promotional gift, USB flash drives are a great choice. They are inexpensive, valuable and light weight. Moreover, there are several creative and unique USB flash drives available in the market. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials. The personalized USB flash drive is a brilliant item that your customers will be happy to receive.

The custom USB flash drives can also come preloaded with some vital information about your organization, and may even contain a business portfolio and the client testimonials. This is a great way to let your clients know more about your firm.

Your main aim is the growth of your organization, and the promotional gifts and products help to increase the client referrals and thus broaden the client base.

There are some really interesting and designer USB flash drives available in the market these days.

They include the heart shaped ones, cartoon shaped and much more. These are not only pleasant to look at but also create a favourable impression about your company. The beautiful designs will catch the attention of the potential clients as well.

You can choose from the various designs and capacities of USB flash drives available online. So, next time when you plan to giveaway promotional gifts to your clients, choose the designer USB flash drives!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Make Your Trade Show Memorable With Advertising Equipments

There are different types of advertising equipment like Roll Up Sign, Display Sign and Other Digital Sign which can make your trade show memorable. You can use Roll Up Sign to advertise your products or services. They are very easy to carry, install and dismantle. They will create an extra ordinary image on your customers.

LED Display and Digital Display are the latest invention in advertising field. With their bright light, they are successful to attract the attention of visitors to your trade booth. They will display your message visually. It can be easily seen in day light or in the dark.

With digital sign, you can customize your message. For digital sign you will need power so make sure to have extra leads and junction so you can set your Digital Sign very easily.

Have a right proportion of Digital and Non-Digital signs. Too many digital signs also kills the impact of Digital Signs. Along with some non digital display signs like brochure stand, roll up sign, booth table, you should introduce some digital signs. It should create some contrast. So arrangement of these signs also play an important role to make your booth distinct from others.

Friday, 27 July 2012

What are the advantages of using Linkedin over other social networking sites?

You have account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Its fine but can you manage your time to check & update your status regularly on these sites. Which site would you prefer over others so you can concentrate more on it. Let’s see today why LinkedIn is better over other social media sites for business.

·         It has more professional people than any other social media site.
·         You can have upto 30K connections.
·         There is less spamming than other social media sites.
·         Large number of groups.
·         You can learn a lot from Q&A facility.
·         You can have your complete bio data  of education, experience, achievement, even recommendations in your profile.
·         Introduction facility through 3 Levels.
·         Separate section for promotion in each group.
·         You can have separate company page where you can even showcase your products.
·         Chance to be seen by large number of recruiters.
·         It is Professional Networking Site rather than just Social Networking Site.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Make Events Memorable With Personalised Photo Frame

You can’t hold time. It slips from you fist like silky sand. But some of the events in your life are unforgettable. You always want to keep those moments to your heart. So you can make those moments memorable through Simple but innovative Photo Frames.

Don’t Just limit yourself to traditional photo frame only. You can have now your photo engraved directly on Wooden, Metal, Acrylic or Stone. This makes your photo stunning. These frames make your and your loving one’s moments memorable.

You can present these Photo Frame on any occasion like Graduation Ceremony, Wedding Day Gift, Any Anniversary, Birthday Gift, Corporate Gift.

With the advent of so many social media site, people share their photos but nothing can replace those special feelings you have when you touch real Photo Frame to your heart. This touch takes you back into those loving moments. For moments you forget your present state and lost into your young days. Your graduation frame takes you in those golden days you spent in university with your friends.

Child grows very fast. You capture those moments in camera. You can have these special moments in the Photo Frames. These photo frames becomes very special when your child goes away from you for further education or abroad.

You can present Photo Frame of some special business event with your Logo. Whenever you client look at the frame, it reminds him your company.

If you're looking to give something special to your spouse to celebrate the day you became man and wife, look no further than these picture frames.  You can choose his or her favourite colour picture frame, add any message you'd like (perhaps including the date of your wedding), and several special photos.  While this might sound like a great gift for women, men are more sentimental than they let on sometimes.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know Part 2

In our Last Newsletter, we show about some Basic Twitter Terms. Today we will see some more Basic Twitter Terms.

DM – means “Direct Message”. Two Twitter followers can send Tweet like short message DM in private to each other. You can’t send DM to any person who doesn’t follow you but if you follow him, he can still send you DM.

Engagement: Like in normal life, the engagement means you involve in active conversation with other people on Twitter. You can start this conversation by Tweeting, Retweeting, DM etc. This creates sense among people they have relationship with other real people.

Hashtag (#): You can insert Hashtag with any of keyword in your Tweet so when people search for that keyword, your Tweet will appear in their search result. This will help you expand your reach.

Feed: In simple terms, Feed is a chronological list of updates with most recent updates on the top. You can find feed on every page of  Twitter whether it is you Home Page, Profile Page or Search Page. You can find feed of your followers’ Tweets on your Home Page, Feed of Your Tweets on your Profile Page and Feed of search results on your search page.

Trending: Any term popular on Twitter is called Trending. You can find popular Current Trending on Twitter Home Page. They give you location wise as well as worldwide Popular Trending on Twitter. You never know how long particular Trend last on Twitter.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Get Attractive Shop Front

Shop Front is like a Headline of an article. It draws an attention of your customers. It is the first thing your customer will notice. Even some people decide whether to enter the shop or not just from looking at the Shop Front.

There are two aspects of shop front – it’s design and then production of it. You can have separate designer to design shop front and then find some shop front specialist to manufacture it. Sometime some shop front manufacturer helps you design it.

To make your Shop Front, you need to think on various elements like colour, font, the type of Letters – 3D or Flat, material of letters – stainless steel, brass, acrylic, wood, foam, vinyl, neon, the display, the products you put in display- their arrangement, security etc.

Before you start anything, you should have guideline about shop fronts from your local council. Whether they have any restriction on certain aspects. You should also think about security of your shop front when you are going to display costly items. You can have roller shutters or grills so something similar.

Lets start with colour. The colour of your shop front depends on the colour of your Logo and also on your product colour. The colour should be generally bright to attract customer’s attention easily. The dull colour fails to attract customers normally.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Create A Meaningful Logo

To establish unique identity of your business, you need a creative, attractive and functional Logo. It should convey the vision and philosophy of your business. Logo is the point of reference for the customer. Logo creates visual picture in customers’ mind about your company and your products.

Logo is like the dress we wear. Certain dress projects the image of vintage or modern culture. Similarly the graphics, content, size, colour and shape of the Logo projects certain image on customers’ mind. There should be an unique balance of all these elements into your Logo.

Before you design your logo you should carry thorough research – the target audience , demographic data about target audience, nature of your product, your industry – business segment, the message you like to convey etc. The amount of efforts you put into this research is worth because once you create your logo, it is very difficult to change it.

Logo should be simple so your target audience can remember it easily. It should not be too complex. The number of colours in your logo should be miimum.

Give due respect to Logo of other companies. Try not to create a similar logo to other companies. Otherwise this will create confusion among customers and also a trademark problem.

There are different types of Logo – text logo, image logo or combination of them. You will use your Logo in different medias like print media, website, presentation etc so you will have to edit them number of times. So if you engage designer to create Logo, always ask your Logo in number of formats so you can easily edit them at later stage.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know

OK, you have opened a Twitter account & also got few followers by sending invitations to your customers or suppliers. But before you start regulary update & engage with your followers, you need to know some basic Twitter terms. They will enable you to understand Twitter further & you can make better use of Twitter for your business.

Follower: On Twitter once you follow other user, you will be able to see his Twitter updates on your homepage. Similarly when he follows you, he can see your updates on his homepage. This is Twitter social relationship. More the followers, wider is the spread of your updates.

Tweet: The message you send through Twitter is called Tweet. You can send any message up to 140 characters. Even links or photos are also considered within this character limit. Twitter automatically shortens your URL. The Tweets are Public & searchable.

Retweet: Twitter is social media platform to share ideas, news, and insights. If you find any of your followers Tweet useful and think your other followers will be benefited, you can Retweet his Tweet. When you move the cursor over Tweet, you will find Retweet Button,

@mention : You direct public messages to other Twitter users by inserting an “@” sign immediately followed by their username. For example, “@creativeeyemedi – any message.” This causes your tweet to also appear in the “@Mentions” section of the target’s Twitter account.

A tweet that begins with “@username” will only appear on the home pages of followers who also follow the person you’re referencing, but if you place the @Mention later in your update, it will appear to everyone who’s following you.

We will discuss some more Twitter Terms in next post.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Promote Your Business Using Promotional Products

Everybody likes free gift. When you keep you clients smiling, you business also keep growing. You must spend some percentage of your profit for promotional products to attract customers, retain them or make them spread word about you. Every business can afford promotional products.

If you sell high value product, you can afford to give high value promotional product. If you sell low value product, then also you can give lower value promotional product.

  • If you have a store, you can use pen, sticky pad or any promotional item with logo as a thanks giving gesture to visit store. He client will appreciate this gift & this gift will build a personal relationship.
  • When business seems to be low-In case a business is experiencing a downward trend in the business especially with some specific products, one can organize to come up with promotional items to encourage clients to invests or buy the products.
  • You can also offer some promotional product when customers achieve certain buying target. Obviously your promotional product should be valuable to them so they will be stretched to to reach the target.
  • Items that matter to their clients- Choose promotional products that can be used by and add value to their clients. This may include, caps, pens, sunglasses that have their brand name or logo.
  • Loyal clients- Many businesses look for ways in which they can appreciate their loyal clients. They can choose gift items and decide to send them over to their clients like thank you cards, books and so on that will add value to their most trusted clients.
  • Take advantage of holidays seasons-everyone loves gifts when on holiday. 

 Giving the clients of one’s business promotional products like, cards, calendars, pens, diaries would add a lot of value to them.

These promotional products need not to be expensive but they will have a great impact to the people who receive them. Employees also need to be rewarded for the great work they do and this can be done by giving them promotional items. They can also get extra items that they can give away to their friends and some of their associate clients. This works especially for marketers. The promotional products will foster more loyalty by the workers to the organization.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Make Your Memory Live With Canvas Printing

If you have photos of your honeymoon, your children’s childhood or photos of your memorable trip, why not make them live on Canvas? Canvas gives extra ordinary look than just normal photo print.

The canvas can be stretched or gallery wrapped on frame. There are two types of Canvas, Cotton canvas or plastic like poly canvas. The plastic canvas is cheaper than cotton canvas but not looks as great as cotton canvas.

Now a days canvas is also printed digitally on inkjet printers. The good canvas is durable & fast drying. They last longer & water resistant.

You can have stretched canvas or loose canvas. With stretch canvas, you don’t have to stretch the canvas on frame yourself because they are stretched on frame by professionals. Yes when you order stretch canvas, you need to pay more for postage because it comes with frame so the package becomes large.

He cheaper canvas usually have dots in printing so always get your photos printed at good printers who use good canvas to avoid dots in printing.

Its better for you to check if there is any hidden charge when you order. Some printers give cheaper price but then ask extra even to manipulate in your photo colour.

Monday, 25 June 2012

How To Use PVC Banners Creatively

Many people think PVC Banners are mainly used by organizations only. Where ever you go for any purposes you see PVC banners at High street shops, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations or organizations. But PVC banners are not only used by businesses but also in various ways. Let us see how?

Literally you can use PVC banners for any events using some creative thinking. They can be used for:

1)      During marathon or any parades. You see many parades in our country organized to help various causes. During these parades we see the colourful banners of sponsors or banners with different slogans or banners to cheers the runners.
2)      Demonstrators also use banners to raise their issues. Sometimes they organise rally with holding banners or they put the banners on their vehicles. They want to draw the attention of people to their problems using banners creatively.
3)      In the stadium you see the supporters with large banners to cheer up their teams. PVC banners are light in weight & flexible so easy to carry & hold. They are durable so you can use them again in other matches to support your team.

So next time when you have any occasion to promote your product or cheer up your team or any other event, think of using PVC Banner creatively.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Use Affordable Stickers To Market Your Products

Take television, internet, high street, tubes or underground stations, you will find advertising & marketing messages. Promotion is part of your marketing to attract customers & prospective customers. With technology advances, marketers find new ways to promote their products. Full Colour Digital Sticker Printing is one of them.

Just have good photographs of your products, good logo & thoughtful marketing message. With superb Vinyl Sticker material these days & high quality printing, you can make your exterior walls & interior shop/office surroundings colourful. These will create an instant impact on your customers.

The stickers are powerful visual elements. You can have window stickers that can be fixed from inside or outside also. Even with latest technology stickers can be cut into any contours. They are very productive. Just put your imagination into work & make them attractive with photos, colour, logo & text fonts.

As per your need you can buy readily available stickers or you can customise them also. You can use them creatively  in a number methods to create customer awareness.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What Makes A House Sign Impressive?

House Sign is an important element of your house to make an impression on your visitors & guests. Today we will discuss how you can get a good house sign/numbers & why it is so important.

When you have given so much effort after the design & interior of the house, then house sign/number is a big deal. Your visitors & guest will look at your house sign / number first & then your interiors. While finding the house, everybody will look at the house sign. So everybody will first notice your house sign/number.

Right sign will make right impression on your visitors. The shiny & new sign will make difference than rusty & old sign. It will make a poor impression.

Not only visitors & guests , but postmen & courier companies will also trac your house to deliver post & other stuff. So you need good & clear house sign so people can easily find your house.

You should have a larger & clear house sign so even while driving past outside, they can easily read it.

Depending on the look of your house i.e. vintage or modern, you have number of options these days for House Sign & Numbers.

For House Sign, you can have laser engraving or laser cut sign. You can have these signs on variety of material like Wood, Brushed Finished Stainless Steel, Brass, Acrylic etc.

For House Numbers, you can have 3D letters or Flat Letters. Even in 3D letters, you can have solid 3D letters or Hollow letters with LED lights inside. You can have these letters on variety of material like Wood, Brushed Finished Stainless Steel, Brass, Acrylic etc.

Monday, 18 June 2012

24 X 7 Outdoor Promotion Benefits By Outdoor Banners

The economy is getting worse. The sales are going south. The big companies pouring money in advertising & promotion to maintain their sales. The smaller companies & local merchants have to survive in tight competitive market. They have tight advertising budget.

Today we will see how outdoor banners helps these companies in tight advertising budget. The outdoor banners are inexpensive, durable so you can use them for long term.

The outdoor banners are very cost effective. So they serve advertising purpose of small businesses efficiently. They fit in their budget. If you use banner to promote seasonal product, you can take them out after the season & reuse them next season. They are flexible & light weight so you can easily take them out, roll them, place them in PVC pipe & just store them in your warehouse/godown.

PVC Banners are now printed digitally in full colour. So they allow more freedom to play creatively. You can have any colour back ground or text, any design pattern or even photos. Put your marketing message creatively with text & images so your target audience easily understand them. They are attracted towards them.

The PVC Banners are very strong. With hammed border you can eliminate the possibility of the banners tear from the edge.  So you don’t have to worry about adverse weather condition.

Go ahead with you promotional campaign with outdoor banners & have let them work for you 24 X 7.