Thursday, 28 June 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know

OK, you have opened a Twitter account & also got few followers by sending invitations to your customers or suppliers. But before you start regulary update & engage with your followers, you need to know some basic Twitter terms. They will enable you to understand Twitter further & you can make better use of Twitter for your business.

Follower: On Twitter once you follow other user, you will be able to see his Twitter updates on your homepage. Similarly when he follows you, he can see your updates on his homepage. This is Twitter social relationship. More the followers, wider is the spread of your updates.

Tweet: The message you send through Twitter is called Tweet. You can send any message up to 140 characters. Even links or photos are also considered within this character limit. Twitter automatically shortens your URL. The Tweets are Public & searchable.

Retweet: Twitter is social media platform to share ideas, news, and insights. If you find any of your followers Tweet useful and think your other followers will be benefited, you can Retweet his Tweet. When you move the cursor over Tweet, you will find Retweet Button,

@mention : You direct public messages to other Twitter users by inserting an “@” sign immediately followed by their username. For example, “@creativeeyemedi – any message.” This causes your tweet to also appear in the “@Mentions” section of the target’s Twitter account.

A tweet that begins with “@username” will only appear on the home pages of followers who also follow the person you’re referencing, but if you place the @Mention later in your update, it will appear to everyone who’s following you.

We will discuss some more Twitter Terms in next post.

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