Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Are you also making these Business Card Mistakes?

Everybody wants perfect Business Cards. They spend so much time behind logo, layout, background colour, text colour & even the type of cards to be used. But sometime they don’t spend enough time for proof reading and makes some silly mistake.
So let us see some Business Card Mistakes People Make.
  • Not including proper contact details. Some includes only website.
  • Mistake in contact details. Wrong phone number or email address. Even worse when corrected by pen.
  • Spelling Mistakes.
  • Information Overloading.
  • Forget to include Name.
  • Much larger logo that deemphasise the Company Name.
  • Use of Undersized or Oversized Business card that don’t fit into standard Business Card holder.
  • Fabulous design but poor printing or poor card quality.
  • Not including your social media username.
  • Not using backside of Business Card. Why one should waste that space?
  • Much smaller fonts or using some artistic fonts – very hard to read.
  •  Using Free Business Cards with printer’s name on back.

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