Friday, 15 June 2012

The Twitter Hashtags Local Marketers Can Use Effectively

Now a days more & more people are using Twitter. Sometimes even they use Twitter to find product or service locally. They scan Hashtags to find which local merchant keep that product/service.

You can make your Tweets more effectively by using Hashtags appropriately. If you do so, you can draw more local customers to your business.

Today let’s see how you can use Hashtags  for your local marketing:

  1. #yourtown: By Tweeting with Hashtag to your town, you are targeting the audience who look for activities in your area. When they will put your area name as a keyword in search or click yourcity hashtag on other’s tweet, a list will appear with all tweets having hashtag with your town. Obviously your tweet will also be there.
  2. #yourbusiness: ( Example #Plumber, #pharmacy etc.) – When you Tweet with hashtag to your product category, chances your Tweet will appear in a list when somebody search for your product/service on Twitter.
  3. #yourproduct: Along with above 2 hashtags, you can also use #yourproduct (ex. #PVCbanner) so when your audience is finding your product locally, they can locate you.
  4. #competitors: Check what type of hashtags your competitors are using & you can also follow those hashtags.

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