Monday, 4 June 2012

How much information should be included in Banner?

PVC Banners are an excellent form of outdoor advertising. They are generally large in size so people try to include as much information as possible. They try to utilise all the banner space. But in that greed, the whole essence of the banner is killed.

People don’t have time to stand & read whole banner. Mostly while passing they just have glimpse at your banner so within that few second they should have your main message in their mind.
So let us see how much information should be included in Banner?
  • Generally speaking keep banner simple, short, eye caching graphic, minimal text.
  • Don’t put too many colours. Few colours with right combination. There should be contrast between background colour & text colour so audience will not have to put efforts to read the message.
  • Size of the banner will depend on the place it is to be placed & size of banner will decide the amount of information.
  • First of all decide the definite purpose of putting the banner.
  • If you are putting banner for general purpose, then you should include Company name, logo, slogan, website & phone number, Main Products ( Not all products)
  • If you are putting banner, for specific marketing purpose, try to define that purpose in one or max. two lines.
  • Message should be readable from distance. Put your self in pace of your audience & think if you pass near that banner, with out stopping there, how much information you can read & remember withi that few seconds.
  • Banner is much larger size than your computer screen so images looks fine on computer size becomes blur(pixiliated) when enlarged to fit in the banner so use high resolution images

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