Monday, 11 June 2012

How To Make Your Trade Show Successful

When you visit any trade show, you find more people at some trade booth and very few people at there. Why this is so?
Let’s see some no cost to low cost ways you can attract more visitors to your trade booth and how you can make your trade show successful.
  • Before you book the stand at trade show, think whether that trade show attracts your targeted audience? How many of your target audience visited that trade show in the past?
  • Successful trade show requires careful planning. So give enough time for the planning. You need to plan who will from you company attend the trade show, who will take particular role, about their training, about the arrangement of display products according to size & layout of the booth etc.
  • Send Invitation to all your existing, past & prospective customers to visit your booth at trade show. Just before the trade show, send them reminder also.
  • There should be clear cut goal of your company’s participation in the trade show. All your staff who are attending the trade show must be aware of this goal.
  • Make sure you order and receive all your Display products & Promotional merchandising before the deadline.
  • Pre visit the trade show site to make yourself familiarise with site & orgnising staff.
  • Keep someone at trade show who can answer any technical queries regarding your product.
  • Arrange a workshop for your trade show staff and show them how to greet the visitors, behave friendly with them & have confidence.
  • Ensure your staff look professional. Have some dress code or them.
  • Depending on the complexity of your product, arrange for visual display or demonstration how to use the product.
  • Choose the right give away product which can attract your target audience and also they keep & use it rather than storing it somewhere.

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