Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How To Creatively Use the Back Side Of Business Cards

When clients approach for Business Cards, some of them are in dilemma whether the backside of business cards should be printed or not.

Some of the clients are in opinion of having some useful information on backside of business cards so people keep them. Some clients think to keep the back side blank so they can write some note while giving the card.

One solution of this dilemma is rather than using whole back side, keep some blank space to write note & use other space with some cool things.

Let’s see some cool things you can write on back of your Business Cards:

  • Acupressure chart
  • Calendar
  • Useful Telephone Numbers
  • Logos of the brands you sell
  • Discount Offer
  • Tube Map
  • Measurement Conversion Table
  • Motivational Thought
  • Something Related to the Industry you are in.
  • Important Trade events dates related to your industry.
  • Cost saving ideas.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Local Area Map
  • Benefits your product/service offers
  • Testimonial from reputed clients
  • Fill In Blanks for Personal Medical information
  • Photos of your products
  • National Holidays
  • Blanks for Anniversary/Birthdates of  family members

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