Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Make Your Trade Show Memorable With Advertising Equipments

There are different types of advertising equipment like Roll Up Sign, Display Sign and Other Digital Sign which can make your trade show memorable. You can use Roll Up Sign to advertise your products or services. They are very easy to carry, install and dismantle. They will create an extra ordinary image on your customers.

LED Display and Digital Display are the latest invention in advertising field. With their bright light, they are successful to attract the attention of visitors to your trade booth. They will display your message visually. It can be easily seen in day light or in the dark.

With digital sign, you can customize your message. For digital sign you will need power so make sure to have extra leads and junction so you can set your Digital Sign very easily.

Have a right proportion of Digital and Non-Digital signs. Too many digital signs also kills the impact of Digital Signs. Along with some non digital display signs like brochure stand, roll up sign, booth table, you should introduce some digital signs. It should create some contrast. So arrangement of these signs also play an important role to make your booth distinct from others.

Friday, 27 July 2012

What are the advantages of using Linkedin over other social networking sites?

You have account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Its fine but can you manage your time to check & update your status regularly on these sites. Which site would you prefer over others so you can concentrate more on it. Let’s see today why LinkedIn is better over other social media sites for business.

·         It has more professional people than any other social media site.
·         You can have upto 30K connections.
·         There is less spamming than other social media sites.
·         Large number of groups.
·         You can learn a lot from Q&A facility.
·         You can have your complete bio data  of education, experience, achievement, even recommendations in your profile.
·         Introduction facility through 3 Levels.
·         Separate section for promotion in each group.
·         You can have separate company page where you can even showcase your products.
·         Chance to be seen by large number of recruiters.
·         It is Professional Networking Site rather than just Social Networking Site.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Make Events Memorable With Personalised Photo Frame

You can’t hold time. It slips from you fist like silky sand. But some of the events in your life are unforgettable. You always want to keep those moments to your heart. So you can make those moments memorable through Simple but innovative Photo Frames.

Don’t Just limit yourself to traditional photo frame only. You can have now your photo engraved directly on Wooden, Metal, Acrylic or Stone. This makes your photo stunning. These frames make your and your loving one’s moments memorable.

You can present these Photo Frame on any occasion like Graduation Ceremony, Wedding Day Gift, Any Anniversary, Birthday Gift, Corporate Gift.

With the advent of so many social media site, people share their photos but nothing can replace those special feelings you have when you touch real Photo Frame to your heart. This touch takes you back into those loving moments. For moments you forget your present state and lost into your young days. Your graduation frame takes you in those golden days you spent in university with your friends.

Child grows very fast. You capture those moments in camera. You can have these special moments in the Photo Frames. These photo frames becomes very special when your child goes away from you for further education or abroad.

You can present Photo Frame of some special business event with your Logo. Whenever you client look at the frame, it reminds him your company.

If you're looking to give something special to your spouse to celebrate the day you became man and wife, look no further than these picture frames.  You can choose his or her favourite colour picture frame, add any message you'd like (perhaps including the date of your wedding), and several special photos.  While this might sound like a great gift for women, men are more sentimental than they let on sometimes.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know Part 2

In our Last Newsletter, we show about some Basic Twitter Terms. Today we will see some more Basic Twitter Terms.

DM – means “Direct Message”. Two Twitter followers can send Tweet like short message DM in private to each other. You can’t send DM to any person who doesn’t follow you but if you follow him, he can still send you DM.

Engagement: Like in normal life, the engagement means you involve in active conversation with other people on Twitter. You can start this conversation by Tweeting, Retweeting, DM etc. This creates sense among people they have relationship with other real people.

Hashtag (#): You can insert Hashtag with any of keyword in your Tweet so when people search for that keyword, your Tweet will appear in their search result. This will help you expand your reach.

Feed: In simple terms, Feed is a chronological list of updates with most recent updates on the top. You can find feed on every page of  Twitter whether it is you Home Page, Profile Page or Search Page. You can find feed of your followers’ Tweets on your Home Page, Feed of Your Tweets on your Profile Page and Feed of search results on your search page.

Trending: Any term popular on Twitter is called Trending. You can find popular Current Trending on Twitter Home Page. They give you location wise as well as worldwide Popular Trending on Twitter. You never know how long particular Trend last on Twitter.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Get Attractive Shop Front

Shop Front is like a Headline of an article. It draws an attention of your customers. It is the first thing your customer will notice. Even some people decide whether to enter the shop or not just from looking at the Shop Front.

There are two aspects of shop front – it’s design and then production of it. You can have separate designer to design shop front and then find some shop front specialist to manufacture it. Sometime some shop front manufacturer helps you design it.

To make your Shop Front, you need to think on various elements like colour, font, the type of Letters – 3D or Flat, material of letters – stainless steel, brass, acrylic, wood, foam, vinyl, neon, the display, the products you put in display- their arrangement, security etc.

Before you start anything, you should have guideline about shop fronts from your local council. Whether they have any restriction on certain aspects. You should also think about security of your shop front when you are going to display costly items. You can have roller shutters or grills so something similar.

Lets start with colour. The colour of your shop front depends on the colour of your Logo and also on your product colour. The colour should be generally bright to attract customer’s attention easily. The dull colour fails to attract customers normally.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Create A Meaningful Logo

To establish unique identity of your business, you need a creative, attractive and functional Logo. It should convey the vision and philosophy of your business. Logo is the point of reference for the customer. Logo creates visual picture in customers’ mind about your company and your products.

Logo is like the dress we wear. Certain dress projects the image of vintage or modern culture. Similarly the graphics, content, size, colour and shape of the Logo projects certain image on customers’ mind. There should be an unique balance of all these elements into your Logo.

Before you design your logo you should carry thorough research – the target audience , demographic data about target audience, nature of your product, your industry – business segment, the message you like to convey etc. The amount of efforts you put into this research is worth because once you create your logo, it is very difficult to change it.

Logo should be simple so your target audience can remember it easily. It should not be too complex. The number of colours in your logo should be miimum.

Give due respect to Logo of other companies. Try not to create a similar logo to other companies. Otherwise this will create confusion among customers and also a trademark problem.

There are different types of Logo – text logo, image logo or combination of them. You will use your Logo in different medias like print media, website, presentation etc so you will have to edit them number of times. So if you engage designer to create Logo, always ask your Logo in number of formats so you can easily edit them at later stage.