Friday, 27 July 2012

What are the advantages of using Linkedin over other social networking sites?

You have account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Its fine but can you manage your time to check & update your status regularly on these sites. Which site would you prefer over others so you can concentrate more on it. Let’s see today why LinkedIn is better over other social media sites for business.

·         It has more professional people than any other social media site.
·         You can have upto 30K connections.
·         There is less spamming than other social media sites.
·         Large number of groups.
·         You can learn a lot from Q&A facility.
·         You can have your complete bio data  of education, experience, achievement, even recommendations in your profile.
·         Introduction facility through 3 Levels.
·         Separate section for promotion in each group.
·         You can have separate company page where you can even showcase your products.
·         Chance to be seen by large number of recruiters.
·         It is Professional Networking Site rather than just Social Networking Site.

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