Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Get Attractive Shop Front

Shop Front is like a Headline of an article. It draws an attention of your customers. It is the first thing your customer will notice. Even some people decide whether to enter the shop or not just from looking at the Shop Front.

There are two aspects of shop front – it’s design and then production of it. You can have separate designer to design shop front and then find some shop front specialist to manufacture it. Sometime some shop front manufacturer helps you design it.

To make your Shop Front, you need to think on various elements like colour, font, the type of Letters – 3D or Flat, material of letters – stainless steel, brass, acrylic, wood, foam, vinyl, neon, the display, the products you put in display- their arrangement, security etc.

Before you start anything, you should have guideline about shop fronts from your local council. Whether they have any restriction on certain aspects. You should also think about security of your shop front when you are going to display costly items. You can have roller shutters or grills so something similar.

Lets start with colour. The colour of your shop front depends on the colour of your Logo and also on your product colour. The colour should be generally bright to attract customer’s attention easily. The dull colour fails to attract customers normally.

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