Thursday, 19 July 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know Part 2

In our Last Newsletter, we show about some Basic Twitter Terms. Today we will see some more Basic Twitter Terms.

DM – means “Direct Message”. Two Twitter followers can send Tweet like short message DM in private to each other. You can’t send DM to any person who doesn’t follow you but if you follow him, he can still send you DM.

Engagement: Like in normal life, the engagement means you involve in active conversation with other people on Twitter. You can start this conversation by Tweeting, Retweeting, DM etc. This creates sense among people they have relationship with other real people.

Hashtag (#): You can insert Hashtag with any of keyword in your Tweet so when people search for that keyword, your Tweet will appear in their search result. This will help you expand your reach.

Feed: In simple terms, Feed is a chronological list of updates with most recent updates on the top. You can find feed on every page of  Twitter whether it is you Home Page, Profile Page or Search Page. You can find feed of your followers’ Tweets on your Home Page, Feed of Your Tweets on your Profile Page and Feed of search results on your search page.

Trending: Any term popular on Twitter is called Trending. You can find popular Current Trending on Twitter Home Page. They give you location wise as well as worldwide Popular Trending on Twitter. You never know how long particular Trend last on Twitter.

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