Thursday, 28 June 2012

Basic Twitter Terms You Need To Know

OK, you have opened a Twitter account & also got few followers by sending invitations to your customers or suppliers. But before you start regulary update & engage with your followers, you need to know some basic Twitter terms. They will enable you to understand Twitter further & you can make better use of Twitter for your business.

Follower: On Twitter once you follow other user, you will be able to see his Twitter updates on your homepage. Similarly when he follows you, he can see your updates on his homepage. This is Twitter social relationship. More the followers, wider is the spread of your updates.

Tweet: The message you send through Twitter is called Tweet. You can send any message up to 140 characters. Even links or photos are also considered within this character limit. Twitter automatically shortens your URL. The Tweets are Public & searchable.

Retweet: Twitter is social media platform to share ideas, news, and insights. If you find any of your followers Tweet useful and think your other followers will be benefited, you can Retweet his Tweet. When you move the cursor over Tweet, you will find Retweet Button,

@mention : You direct public messages to other Twitter users by inserting an “@” sign immediately followed by their username. For example, “@creativeeyemedi – any message.” This causes your tweet to also appear in the “@Mentions” section of the target’s Twitter account.

A tweet that begins with “@username” will only appear on the home pages of followers who also follow the person you’re referencing, but if you place the @Mention later in your update, it will appear to everyone who’s following you.

We will discuss some more Twitter Terms in next post.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Promote Your Business Using Promotional Products

Everybody likes free gift. When you keep you clients smiling, you business also keep growing. You must spend some percentage of your profit for promotional products to attract customers, retain them or make them spread word about you. Every business can afford promotional products.

If you sell high value product, you can afford to give high value promotional product. If you sell low value product, then also you can give lower value promotional product.

  • If you have a store, you can use pen, sticky pad or any promotional item with logo as a thanks giving gesture to visit store. He client will appreciate this gift & this gift will build a personal relationship.
  • When business seems to be low-In case a business is experiencing a downward trend in the business especially with some specific products, one can organize to come up with promotional items to encourage clients to invests or buy the products.
  • You can also offer some promotional product when customers achieve certain buying target. Obviously your promotional product should be valuable to them so they will be stretched to to reach the target.
  • Items that matter to their clients- Choose promotional products that can be used by and add value to their clients. This may include, caps, pens, sunglasses that have their brand name or logo.
  • Loyal clients- Many businesses look for ways in which they can appreciate their loyal clients. They can choose gift items and decide to send them over to their clients like thank you cards, books and so on that will add value to their most trusted clients.
  • Take advantage of holidays seasons-everyone loves gifts when on holiday. 

 Giving the clients of one’s business promotional products like, cards, calendars, pens, diaries would add a lot of value to them.

These promotional products need not to be expensive but they will have a great impact to the people who receive them. Employees also need to be rewarded for the great work they do and this can be done by giving them promotional items. They can also get extra items that they can give away to their friends and some of their associate clients. This works especially for marketers. The promotional products will foster more loyalty by the workers to the organization.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Make Your Memory Live With Canvas Printing

If you have photos of your honeymoon, your children’s childhood or photos of your memorable trip, why not make them live on Canvas? Canvas gives extra ordinary look than just normal photo print.

The canvas can be stretched or gallery wrapped on frame. There are two types of Canvas, Cotton canvas or plastic like poly canvas. The plastic canvas is cheaper than cotton canvas but not looks as great as cotton canvas.

Now a days canvas is also printed digitally on inkjet printers. The good canvas is durable & fast drying. They last longer & water resistant.

You can have stretched canvas or loose canvas. With stretch canvas, you don’t have to stretch the canvas on frame yourself because they are stretched on frame by professionals. Yes when you order stretch canvas, you need to pay more for postage because it comes with frame so the package becomes large.

He cheaper canvas usually have dots in printing so always get your photos printed at good printers who use good canvas to avoid dots in printing.

Its better for you to check if there is any hidden charge when you order. Some printers give cheaper price but then ask extra even to manipulate in your photo colour.

Monday, 25 June 2012

How To Use PVC Banners Creatively

Many people think PVC Banners are mainly used by organizations only. Where ever you go for any purposes you see PVC banners at High street shops, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations or organizations. But PVC banners are not only used by businesses but also in various ways. Let us see how?

Literally you can use PVC banners for any events using some creative thinking. They can be used for:

1)      During marathon or any parades. You see many parades in our country organized to help various causes. During these parades we see the colourful banners of sponsors or banners with different slogans or banners to cheers the runners.
2)      Demonstrators also use banners to raise their issues. Sometimes they organise rally with holding banners or they put the banners on their vehicles. They want to draw the attention of people to their problems using banners creatively.
3)      In the stadium you see the supporters with large banners to cheer up their teams. PVC banners are light in weight & flexible so easy to carry & hold. They are durable so you can use them again in other matches to support your team.

So next time when you have any occasion to promote your product or cheer up your team or any other event, think of using PVC Banner creatively.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Use Affordable Stickers To Market Your Products

Take television, internet, high street, tubes or underground stations, you will find advertising & marketing messages. Promotion is part of your marketing to attract customers & prospective customers. With technology advances, marketers find new ways to promote their products. Full Colour Digital Sticker Printing is one of them.

Just have good photographs of your products, good logo & thoughtful marketing message. With superb Vinyl Sticker material these days & high quality printing, you can make your exterior walls & interior shop/office surroundings colourful. These will create an instant impact on your customers.

The stickers are powerful visual elements. You can have window stickers that can be fixed from inside or outside also. Even with latest technology stickers can be cut into any contours. They are very productive. Just put your imagination into work & make them attractive with photos, colour, logo & text fonts.

As per your need you can buy readily available stickers or you can customise them also. You can use them creatively  in a number methods to create customer awareness.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What Makes A House Sign Impressive?

House Sign is an important element of your house to make an impression on your visitors & guests. Today we will discuss how you can get a good house sign/numbers & why it is so important.

When you have given so much effort after the design & interior of the house, then house sign/number is a big deal. Your visitors & guest will look at your house sign / number first & then your interiors. While finding the house, everybody will look at the house sign. So everybody will first notice your house sign/number.

Right sign will make right impression on your visitors. The shiny & new sign will make difference than rusty & old sign. It will make a poor impression.

Not only visitors & guests , but postmen & courier companies will also trac your house to deliver post & other stuff. So you need good & clear house sign so people can easily find your house.

You should have a larger & clear house sign so even while driving past outside, they can easily read it.

Depending on the look of your house i.e. vintage or modern, you have number of options these days for House Sign & Numbers.

For House Sign, you can have laser engraving or laser cut sign. You can have these signs on variety of material like Wood, Brushed Finished Stainless Steel, Brass, Acrylic etc.

For House Numbers, you can have 3D letters or Flat Letters. Even in 3D letters, you can have solid 3D letters or Hollow letters with LED lights inside. You can have these letters on variety of material like Wood, Brushed Finished Stainless Steel, Brass, Acrylic etc.

Monday, 18 June 2012

24 X 7 Outdoor Promotion Benefits By Outdoor Banners

The economy is getting worse. The sales are going south. The big companies pouring money in advertising & promotion to maintain their sales. The smaller companies & local merchants have to survive in tight competitive market. They have tight advertising budget.

Today we will see how outdoor banners helps these companies in tight advertising budget. The outdoor banners are inexpensive, durable so you can use them for long term.

The outdoor banners are very cost effective. So they serve advertising purpose of small businesses efficiently. They fit in their budget. If you use banner to promote seasonal product, you can take them out after the season & reuse them next season. They are flexible & light weight so you can easily take them out, roll them, place them in PVC pipe & just store them in your warehouse/godown.

PVC Banners are now printed digitally in full colour. So they allow more freedom to play creatively. You can have any colour back ground or text, any design pattern or even photos. Put your marketing message creatively with text & images so your target audience easily understand them. They are attracted towards them.

The PVC Banners are very strong. With hammed border you can eliminate the possibility of the banners tear from the edge.  So you don’t have to worry about adverse weather condition.

Go ahead with you promotional campaign with outdoor banners & have let them work for you 24 X 7.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Twitter Hashtags Local Marketers Can Use Effectively

Now a days more & more people are using Twitter. Sometimes even they use Twitter to find product or service locally. They scan Hashtags to find which local merchant keep that product/service.

You can make your Tweets more effectively by using Hashtags appropriately. If you do so, you can draw more local customers to your business.

Today let’s see how you can use Hashtags  for your local marketing:

  1. #yourtown: By Tweeting with Hashtag to your town, you are targeting the audience who look for activities in your area. When they will put your area name as a keyword in search or click yourcity hashtag on other’s tweet, a list will appear with all tweets having hashtag with your town. Obviously your tweet will also be there.
  2. #yourbusiness: ( Example #Plumber, #pharmacy etc.) – When you Tweet with hashtag to your product category, chances your Tweet will appear in a list when somebody search for your product/service on Twitter.
  3. #yourproduct: Along with above 2 hashtags, you can also use #yourproduct (ex. #PVCbanner) so when your audience is finding your product locally, they can locate you.
  4. #competitors: Check what type of hashtags your competitors are using & you can also follow those hashtags.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Why Non Woven Bag as A Promotional Bag?

  • Non Woven Bags Help us in protection of environment. It is earth-friendly and naturally decomposed without producing poisonous gas and pollutant. it is one of the best substitution of plastic bags.
  • Stronger & more Durable than standard Plastic Bags. So gives more value for your money.
  • Vary Light in weight.
  • Reusable
  • More Beautiful & stylish bags so people love to carry when walk down the mall which maximise your advertising money.
  • Non Woven Bags come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes
  • Better Printing Quality than Jute & Cotton Bags

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How To Creatively Use the Back Side Of Business Cards

When clients approach for Business Cards, some of them are in dilemma whether the backside of business cards should be printed or not.

Some of the clients are in opinion of having some useful information on backside of business cards so people keep them. Some clients think to keep the back side blank so they can write some note while giving the card.

One solution of this dilemma is rather than using whole back side, keep some blank space to write note & use other space with some cool things.

Let’s see some cool things you can write on back of your Business Cards:

  • Acupressure chart
  • Calendar
  • Useful Telephone Numbers
  • Logos of the brands you sell
  • Discount Offer
  • Tube Map
  • Measurement Conversion Table
  • Motivational Thought
  • Something Related to the Industry you are in.
  • Important Trade events dates related to your industry.
  • Cost saving ideas.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Local Area Map
  • Benefits your product/service offers
  • Testimonial from reputed clients
  • Fill In Blanks for Personal Medical information
  • Photos of your products
  • National Holidays
  • Blanks for Anniversary/Birthdates of  family members

Monday, 11 June 2012

How To Make Your Trade Show Successful

When you visit any trade show, you find more people at some trade booth and very few people at there. Why this is so?
Let’s see some no cost to low cost ways you can attract more visitors to your trade booth and how you can make your trade show successful.
  • Before you book the stand at trade show, think whether that trade show attracts your targeted audience? How many of your target audience visited that trade show in the past?
  • Successful trade show requires careful planning. So give enough time for the planning. You need to plan who will from you company attend the trade show, who will take particular role, about their training, about the arrangement of display products according to size & layout of the booth etc.
  • Send Invitation to all your existing, past & prospective customers to visit your booth at trade show. Just before the trade show, send them reminder also.
  • There should be clear cut goal of your company’s participation in the trade show. All your staff who are attending the trade show must be aware of this goal.
  • Make sure you order and receive all your Display products & Promotional merchandising before the deadline.
  • Pre visit the trade show site to make yourself familiarise with site & orgnising staff.
  • Keep someone at trade show who can answer any technical queries regarding your product.
  • Arrange a workshop for your trade show staff and show them how to greet the visitors, behave friendly with them & have confidence.
  • Ensure your staff look professional. Have some dress code or them.
  • Depending on the complexity of your product, arrange for visual display or demonstration how to use the product.
  • Choose the right give away product which can attract your target audience and also they keep & use it rather than storing it somewhere.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Twitter Tools Of the Week Part 2

This week we will see some more Twitter tools which you can use in your Twitter Marketing.
Tweetreach: With this tool You search for a url, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag. You search for a url, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag. It analyzes the tweets that match your search & reports the reach and exposure data for those tweets.
Advance Twitter Search: This tool is provided by Twitter. With this advance search tool you can search by words ( All, Any, Exact or even by language). You can also search Hastags, People, Places & many more things.
Twellow: It is Yellow Pages of Twitter on the web. You can search Twitter User by category, following, followers or by location. So even local marketer can use the date effectively.
Tweeterfeed: As the name suggests, With this tool you can feed the content from your blog to your Tweeter Account.
LiveGo: It enables you to stay connected to your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter accounts, Instant Messengers as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk, and email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.
Tweeter Grader: It is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded.  
We will discuss some more Twitter Tools next week.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Are you also making these Business Card Mistakes?

Everybody wants perfect Business Cards. They spend so much time behind logo, layout, background colour, text colour & even the type of cards to be used. But sometime they don’t spend enough time for proof reading and makes some silly mistake.
So let us see some Business Card Mistakes People Make.
  • Not including proper contact details. Some includes only website.
  • Mistake in contact details. Wrong phone number or email address. Even worse when corrected by pen.
  • Spelling Mistakes.
  • Information Overloading.
  • Forget to include Name.
  • Much larger logo that deemphasise the Company Name.
  • Use of Undersized or Oversized Business card that don’t fit into standard Business Card holder.
  • Fabulous design but poor printing or poor card quality.
  • Not including your social media username.
  • Not using backside of Business Card. Why one should waste that space?
  • Much smaller fonts or using some artistic fonts – very hard to read.
  •  Using Free Business Cards with printer’s name on back.

Monday, 4 June 2012

How much information should be included in Banner?

PVC Banners are an excellent form of outdoor advertising. They are generally large in size so people try to include as much information as possible. They try to utilise all the banner space. But in that greed, the whole essence of the banner is killed.

People don’t have time to stand & read whole banner. Mostly while passing they just have glimpse at your banner so within that few second they should have your main message in their mind.
So let us see how much information should be included in Banner?
  • Generally speaking keep banner simple, short, eye caching graphic, minimal text.
  • Don’t put too many colours. Few colours with right combination. There should be contrast between background colour & text colour so audience will not have to put efforts to read the message.
  • Size of the banner will depend on the place it is to be placed & size of banner will decide the amount of information.
  • First of all decide the definite purpose of putting the banner.
  • If you are putting banner for general purpose, then you should include Company name, logo, slogan, website & phone number, Main Products ( Not all products)
  • If you are putting banner, for specific marketing purpose, try to define that purpose in one or max. two lines.
  • Message should be readable from distance. Put your self in pace of your audience & think if you pass near that banner, with out stopping there, how much information you can read & remember withi that few seconds.
  • Banner is much larger size than your computer screen so images looks fine on computer size becomes blur(pixiliated) when enlarged to fit in the banner so use high resolution images