Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Make Your Memory Live With Canvas Printing

If you have photos of your honeymoon, your children’s childhood or photos of your memorable trip, why not make them live on Canvas? Canvas gives extra ordinary look than just normal photo print.

The canvas can be stretched or gallery wrapped on frame. There are two types of Canvas, Cotton canvas or plastic like poly canvas. The plastic canvas is cheaper than cotton canvas but not looks as great as cotton canvas.

Now a days canvas is also printed digitally on inkjet printers. The good canvas is durable & fast drying. They last longer & water resistant.

You can have stretched canvas or loose canvas. With stretch canvas, you don’t have to stretch the canvas on frame yourself because they are stretched on frame by professionals. Yes when you order stretch canvas, you need to pay more for postage because it comes with frame so the package becomes large.

He cheaper canvas usually have dots in printing so always get your photos printed at good printers who use good canvas to avoid dots in printing.

Its better for you to check if there is any hidden charge when you order. Some printers give cheaper price but then ask extra even to manipulate in your photo colour.

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