Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Create A Meaningful Logo

To establish unique identity of your business, you need a creative, attractive and functional Logo. It should convey the vision and philosophy of your business. Logo is the point of reference for the customer. Logo creates visual picture in customers’ mind about your company and your products.

Logo is like the dress we wear. Certain dress projects the image of vintage or modern culture. Similarly the graphics, content, size, colour and shape of the Logo projects certain image on customers’ mind. There should be an unique balance of all these elements into your Logo.

Before you design your logo you should carry thorough research – the target audience , demographic data about target audience, nature of your product, your industry – business segment, the message you like to convey etc. The amount of efforts you put into this research is worth because once you create your logo, it is very difficult to change it.

Logo should be simple so your target audience can remember it easily. It should not be too complex. The number of colours in your logo should be miimum.

Give due respect to Logo of other companies. Try not to create a similar logo to other companies. Otherwise this will create confusion among customers and also a trademark problem.

There are different types of Logo – text logo, image logo or combination of them. You will use your Logo in different medias like print media, website, presentation etc so you will have to edit them number of times. So if you engage designer to create Logo, always ask your Logo in number of formats so you can easily edit them at later stage.

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