Friday, 14 September 2012

Use Light Boxes To Attract Visitors

Lightbox signs are used to create colour displays. As these signs are illuminated, they can attract customers from a distance. They are widely used in Hotel,
Restaurants,Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Takeaways, Saloons, On Undergrounds etc.

They are not very expensive so even small businesses can use them. With Lightboxes,you can use any font, any colour, any images. They can be standard or customised. Customised lightboxes are expensive but you can have the message of your own choice. Even you can buy Blank Lightboxes and you can easily put the message of your choice and even change them as many times as you want.

Even when there is dark environment, the lightbox sign work as it brings light to your poster. You can find large light boxes at Theatre and Airports.

Blank Circular Light Box - 70cm Dia Outdoor - Double Side

Blank Circular Light Box
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box - 45 X 100cm- Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Oval Shaped Light Box
Blank Rectangle Light Box - 55 X 80 cm Outdoor - Double Side
Blank Rectangle Light Box

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