Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brass Engraving Plaques Enhances Your Professional Image

You may have seen many Plaques, Name Plates, Memorial Plates, Signs. People use them at different places on different occasions fir variety of purposes.

The plaques can be made of different material like Brushed finished Stainless Steel, Brass,Aluminium, Acrylic, Wooden etc. Classy Brass plaque will definitely enhance your professional image. Brass plaque will add elegance in your office beauty.

Brass plaques can be of any shape. The text, logo & image can be engraved on the plaques. Then the engraved part is filled with ink. Normally black ink is used. But you can have any ink. You can have also 2 ink or more but then price will go up.

Brass plaques can be used as Office or House entrance sign, name plate, office sign having list of directors name or building sign with residents’ names. Even brass plaques can be used on inguration of the building, memorial plate etc.

Brass plates are widely used in hotels also. They use Brass Plates to name different suits, as direction sign or room numbers or restaurant table numbers.